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How to Add Bold Colors to Your Home

Image and Kitchen by McCarley Cabinets

If you’ve been following our blog or Facebook page, you know that bold colors trends are heating up in a big way in 2019. But if you don’t know how to properly place bold colors then you could wind up with a room that appears garish instead of stylish. Luckily, we’ve put together a few expert tips to ensure your pop of bold is both tasteful and harmonious with the rest of your home.

For the subtly bold…

If you’re looking for low-key ways to add bold colors to your home, think accessories. For kitchens or dining areas, start with colorful small appliances or storage accessories, or go a little bigger with brightly colored chairs for the island, dining table or breakfast nook. Rugs, paintings, occasional chairs, and lampshades are other great accessories to consider for any room in the house. Just make sure your accessories’ colors pair well with other tones in the room.

Image and Design by: Ecole Studio

For the daring homeowners…

If accessorizing with bold colors simply isn’t enough, then perhaps you’re ready for something more like a bold wall color or cabinetry color. Before you rush to a paint store to pick out colors for every room in your house, take a step back and start with emboldening just one room. We and other home design experts recommend choosing a small room or area of the home like a powder or bath room, a hallway or a small office. No matter what room you choose, make sure that your complementary colors are neutral to keep the space from being overwhelming.

Kitchen and image by: Magnet Kitchens (UK)

Also be cautious of the color tone you choose. Your three basic color tone choices are pastel, jewel and vivid. You want the tone you choose to flow well with the rest of the home. You can do this by making your complementary color a neutral that is already used throughout the rest of the home and by adding pops of the bold color in other areas of the home with accessories.

Image by Sweeten

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