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Kitchen Trade-offs: How to Get Your Perfect Kitchen on a Not So Perfect Budget

renovaton budget trade offs

In a perfect world, we could all build dream homes with perfect kitchens that meet our every want and need. The reality is, most of us have a budget to stick with when it comes to remodeling your old kitchen or building a brand new kitchen in your dream home. Even if that budget is generous, you’ll probably still have to make concessions in terms of what your budget will allow. But if you choose wisely in your budget trade-offs, you can still have a kitchen you’ll love for a lifetime.

Houzz contributor and founder of Kitcheneering Moorea Hoffman wrote an excellent article on kitchen remodel budget trade-offs we thought offered great advice to anyone remodeling a kitchen. Here are a few points we gleaned from the article:

  • Think about how you will use your kitchen and what you need the most for your kitchen to be functional for your family’s needs.

  • Fancy kitchen upgrades like granite countertops are nice but they probably won’t make your life easier. For instance, if washing the dishes and cleaning up the kitchen after a meal is a chore you detest, you may want to spend more on adding a dishwasher and state of the art faucet system that makes cleaning up quicker and easier. If your budget says you have to choose between granite countertops or a dishwasher and other kitchen technology that will make your life a bit simpler, go for the latter. Vanity choices like countertops can be upgraded later on when the budget allows and there are many other affordable choices that look just as fabulous. Splurge where it counts the most.

  • Perform a self-reality check when you’re making final decisions. As Hoffman points out, if you’re a messy cook a new kitchen won’t change that fact. But you can map out a budget to create a kitchen that will handle any mess you throw at it.

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