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Classic Kitchen Cabinet Colors

Believe it or not, choosing the style of cabinets you want for your kitchen isn’t the hardest choice you’ll make when it comes to cabinetry. Some might say choosing a design is a cakewalk compared to deciding what colors will adorn your new cabinets. If this is your current conundrum, read on for tips on adding colors to your cabinets that you won’t regret.

The Best Color Choices/Combos

mccarley cabients cabinet color

When it comes to kitchen cabinet colors, trends come and go but certain classics always withstand the test of time. For instance, you can never, ever go wrong with white cabinets. But color combos like black and white are classics, too. Here are few other timeless choices:

  • Black, white and wood. Think black cabinetry, white island and wood floors. Or, think white upper cabinets, black lowers, and a rustic, wood island.

  • Off white and white. A monochrome kitchen consisting of various shades of white offers a classy, somewhat ethereal effect. From the classic creamy white to the ultra-modern gray-white, you won’t be hard-pressed to find a shade of white you’ll love.

  • Olive. This understated shade of green pairs well with subtle neutrals and bold primaries. It’s almost as classic as the white cabinet.

  • Dark blue or navy.

  • Classic meets trendy. If you love the trendy vibe but hate the idea of repainting your entire kitchen in a year or two after the trend has died out, we recommend going for classic neutrals on your main cabinetry paired with trendy colored hardware, curtains, bar stools, and other kitchen accessories and accents. Or, try focalizing a single cabinet piece with a trendy shade.

Still unsure of which cabinet colors would best suit your kitchen? We can help. When you choose McCarley Cabinets as your cabinet builder, we not only build your cabinetry, we help you design your entire kitchen or bathroom from start to finish, including choosing the perfect colors for every part of the room. Get started on your project today with a free estimate.

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