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Elements of European Style

One of the fastest growing trends in American interior design is the incorporation of European style. From the modern minimalist design elements of Scandinavia to the ornate and classic English and French Country styles to the rustic, elegant, coastal style of the Mediterranean, European design typically combines the best of contemporary, traditional and modern elements.

The European Kitchen

Flowy curves and ornate details like Baroque style wainscoting and trim work are essential to classic European design. But when it comes to kitchen and bathroom cabinets, the style shifts to smooth, clean and minimalistic. Hardware is optional and sparse if used at all.

Modern European Kitchen by Leicht

Today’s European kitchens tend to take on a modern style and every inch of space is efficient by way of organized storage spaces and the incorporation of modern technology for hideaway plugins and small appliances. Open shelving and eat-in kitchens are also must-haves and all or nearly all appliances are built into wall cabinetry or hidden away with cabinet facings. Natural elements like wood and stone are used to break up the monotony.

The European Bathroom

One thing that usually surprises American tourists in Europe is the small size of most flats and homes. Kitchens and living room spaces typically flow together in open concept style and bathrooms are usually small and minimalist with the exception of certain styles like French and Mediterranean. Open shelving and floating vanities help make the most of small spaces, although cabinetry is minimum or nonexistent.

Modern European bathroom Source Unknown

Like the kitchen, elements such as wood, wrought iron, and stone are used to accessorize the space. Most bathrooms either have a walkout shower or a small tub. At one time, showers and bathtubs in European bathrooms were either, or--meaning you either had one or the other. However, today’s European bathrooms have ignited a new trend with the use of a shower/tub combo. And we’re not talking about the traditional bathtub with a showerhead that we see here in the States. We’re talking about a shower with a full but separate tub placed inside.

How European Style is Gathering Momentum in the U.S.

Another word we might use here in the States for European style is transitional. Transitional style simply means a mix of popular design styles. The modern and minimalist yet efficient design of today’s baths and kitchens in Europe is becoming particularly popular among small homeowners in the U.S. who are looking to make the absolute most out of their space by incorporating design elements like the shower-standalone tub combo and kitchens that integrate appliances and technology into cabinets and islands.

Want to learn more about different interior design styles? Check our blogs on Contemporary and Farmhouse style and check back frequently for new posts on other popular styles.

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