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Traditional Style Crash Course

Traditional style is a classic design choice that transcends age and time. A timeless blend of 18th century European and French country design with a bit of 19th century neoclassical and British colonial scheme, traditional style is a favorite among homeowners with older homes but also works well in new home builds. Traditional style is sometimes called boring, predictable and no-nonsense and while it is somewhat predictable in a way, this style is anything but boring. Actually, we like to think of it as calming, classic and sensible.

Color Palette

The traditional home will feature a blend of warm (think beige and creamy white) and cool neutrals (neutrals with green, grey and blue undertones). Florals and deeper tones like eggplant may be used for window treatments, rugs, pillows, and other accessories as long as the color schemes match. Rich wood tones like cherry, mahogany or oak and metals in bronze, copper, or brass with a satiny finish are essential for kitchen and bath furnishings and home furnishings like tables and china cabinets.


Everything in traditional style is synchronized and symmetrical. Accessories and furnishings often come in pairs like identical lamps or side tables. Mix and matching don’t happen in traditionally styled homes, everything from the furniture to the artwork matches.

Popular Features

Upholstered furniture with complex patterns and detailed millwork are essential features that draw the line between boring and comforting. Crown molding, Persian carpets, and Oriental rugs add interest to the color palettes.

Image: HGTV

Traditional Kitchens and Baths

Kitchens and baths are beautifully detailed. Crown molding, furniture-like pieces, antique glazing, and luxury countertops are must-have features. As we mentioned before, metals used are typically brass, copper or bronze with satiny finishes.

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