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What's Your Modern Style?

Modern style is an umbrella term for designs featuring crisp, clean lines and simplistic decor. Glass, metal and steel materials plus straightforward color palettes define a modern space. While modern itself is a style specific to designs that began in the 20th century, other variations of modern style have formed over the years, tweaked with elements from the time period of their birth.

Since its inception in the turn of the 20th century, modern style is favored for it’s clean, uncluttered feel, though people who are not fans of the style refer to modern style as sterile and no-nonsense. Throughout the years since many designers have put their own spin on the style and made it more appealing to a broader crowd. You might even say there’s a modern style for everyone these days. Take a look at the most popular modern design styles of 2019.

Contemporary Modern

Modern and contemporary are often confused with one another because contemporary was borne of modern style. Both feature crisp lines and metal accents. Contemporary style, however, is more fluid to keep up with current trends and isn’t afraid of bold color palettes. For instance, a kitchen that feels too modern may easily transform into a contemporary-modern kitchen by changing out countertops to ones with a rounded or curvy edge.

Modern Minimalist

Minimalism is just like classic modern style with a heavy, heavy emphasis on the uncluttered, no-nonsense vibe. Think quiet, neutral color palettes that give an airy vibe which flows throughout the entire space. Simple, straightforward decor in which the room’s biggest pop of color is the aloe plant near a window. Minimalist doesn’t mean boring. Designers offset the sterile vibes with furniture and accessories in cool geometric shapes and wood elements for a spa-like feel.

Mid-Century Modern

This style pays homage to the birth of modern style and the decor used in the 50’s and 60’s. Think minimalist meets contemporary. White walls, wood floors and maybe a curvy, glass coffee table or an egg chair in the corner. Two-tone kitchens using white and wood tones are quintessential mid-century modern.

Industrial Modern

Like other variations of modern style, industrial modern emphasizes the use of natural and industrial elements such as metal, glass and steel. Think about the cool downtown loft with a brick accent wall, high ceilings, wood beams and furniture made of metal and leather. The use of furniture and decor is sparse but a large piece of abstract art and a fun rug are encouraged.

Modern Bohemian

Modern bohemian is like the onion of modern styles in that it’s the style of layers. Take away the uncluttered feel of classic and minimalistic modern and replace it with strategically and artfully placed “things” like books, funky trinkets from around the world, and intricately designed lamps. Woven rugs and beds layered with various bedspreads and pillows are a must.

What’s your modern style? McCarley Cabinets offers custom cabinetry and kitchen design to fit your favorite styles and we’ll work with you every step of the way to make sure your home is a home you’ll love for a lifetime. Dial 662-728-1533 to get started with a free estimate.

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