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Fall 2019's Most Popular Colors According to Pantone

Summer is winding down and soon cooler temps and falling leaves will usher in the autumn season and then winter. With each season comes new trends and today we’re taking a look at the trends trusted color institute Pantone predicts will dominate the upcoming fall and winter seasons. You’ll notice a pattern of warm red, orange, and peach tones along with blues, creams, greens, and browns. Surprisingly, only one grey shade made the cut after years of being at the top of the most popular neutral colors.

The Reds

Chili Pepper

Somewhere between true red and maroon lies chili pepper, a shade that evokes feelings of warmth and fun. Chili pepper would be perfect for an accent wall but don’t go overboard with this color. Experts on the link between room colors and mood say that although red is an intense, exciting color that invites conversation, it’s also linked to an increase in blood pressure, speed of respiration, and heart rate.

Biking Red

Looking for the perfect shade of maroon for the Bulldog fan in your home? Biking red just might be it. This bold shade is keeping on point with the moody paint color trend that’s been heating up since 2017.

Fruit Dove

Fall’s pink is a strong yet playful shade that little girls and teenyboppers alike will love and we think it’s the perfect accent shade for a bedroom.

Peach Pink

Peach Pink looks sort of like a sunrise. It’s also predicted to be the new Millennial Pink for the next decade. This light, airy shade is fun and feminine. Perfect for a bathroom, bedroom or even a she-shed.

The Oranges and Browns

Dark Cheddar

Imagine a block of sharp cheddar and you’ve got this shade. Hence, the shade’s moniker was naturally coined Dark Cheddar. This golden-orange is probably not ideal for main living areas but if you’ve got an exercise or recreational room in your home, mood experts say orange is the perfect color for evoking energy, excitement, and enthusiasm. In other words, this color will get you pumped up for a great workout.

Orange Tiger

Any Auburn fans out there? You’ll fall in love with this shade! However, we strongly discourage splashing this color all over your home. Like Dark Cheddar, this shade works best in an exercise or rec room.

Rocky Road

This year’s dark brown is the perfect complement to another color you’ll see on this list, Vanilla Custard. It’s a great accent shade for any neutral room, including a living room.

Sugar Almond

Similar to a caramel brown, Sugar Almond is fall’s light brown. If you’ve been thinking of switching to a moodier neutral for your living room or kitchen, this might be the shade.

The In-Betweens

Creme de Peche

This shade is for millennial pink fans who are looking for something a bit lighter and airier. Perfect for a master bathroom, bedroom or your teenage daughter’s room.

Vanilla Custard

The off-white shade of the season is sweet and simple. It’s also a warmer shade of white so we recommend testing out this shade in the evening under artificial lighting for a better look at the shade’s true appearance. Check out this blog more on choosing the right shade of white.


Pantone’s one and only choice of grey for the season is a complex, moody shade with subtle yet impactful blue and green undertones. This means pairing this shade with a truer green will bring out the green in this color and likewise for the color blue.

The Blues and Greens

Galaxy Blue

Pantone looked to the cosmos for inspiration for this fall’s true blue. If you’ve been paying attention to what’s trending in 2019, you know that blue kitchens are all the rage. Unlike shades of red, blue is believed to actually decrease blood pressure, speed respiration and heart rate. In other words, blue is a calming color which is one of the reasons so many are in love with it.


Some see green, some see grey, but most see the color blue in Pantone’s Bluestone, the blue-green choice of the season. It’s moody, fun and a conversation starter. Remember the dress and shoes everyone was arguing about on social media a few years ago? No one could agree on the actual colors of the clothing. This shade could easily stir up another friendly debate of “What Color Is It?”

Evening Blue

This year’s navy looks almost black, one reason why it’s a great pick for homeowners who think black cabinets could be fun but aren’t quite sold on choosing such a somber color. Evening blue is like black with more drama if that’s possible.


Did you know green is considered “the most restful color for your eyes”? Eden, an emerald green, is no different. Appealing to the eye, this color is perfect in just about any room.


Think of Greenery, Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year, mute it with a bit of brown, and you’ve got Guacamole. If you like the color of avocados, you’ll love this shade.

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