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How to Age-Proof Your Bathroom

Slip-resistant flooring, higher vanities, bars and benches in the shower, and comfort-height toilets are just a few ways Houzz suggests to make your bathroom age-proof.

What is age-proofing?

This hot new trend is exactly what it sounds like--turning your bathroom into one that transcends all adult life stages. Age-proofing your home now during a bathroom renovation saves time and money spent on future improvements to accommodate aging adults. In reality, age-proofing has been around for a long time, it just usually takes place after an adult has reached the geriatric stage and needs to make their bathroom a safer place. Now, homeowners are killing two birds with one stone by asking contractors to create bathrooms that are already prepared for later life stages.

In this article from Houzz, written by designer and Houzz contributor Sam Ferris, you’ll learn 11 small but significant ways to age-proof your bathroom. Check out the article then come back here to request a free project quote and learn how we can age-proof your bathroom when you choose McCarley Cabinets for your bathroom renovation project.

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