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2019 Home Trend Roundup

Can you believe we’re less than a month away from a new year and decade? 2019 is going as quickly as it arrived, and it’s been quite a year for changes in home interior trends. Gone are the days of endless, neutral greys and minimalism, two trends we saw dominate for much of the latter half of the 2010s. In their place are warm, bold interiors accented with natural textures, curves, and geometry. Take a look at the top trends that heated up in 2019 and will continue to dominate in 2020.


That’s right we said bold everything. Bold wall colors, bold cabinets, bold accents, bold furniture. If it’s inside your home, it’s taking the leap from the quiet, subdued minimalist style to in-your-face, unapologetic maximalism.

All mixed up.

Mixed metals are a trend that’s been on the rise for a few years now in the United States but it’s now worldwide. Mix and matching cabinet hardware, light fixtures, and other metal accents throughout the home go right along with the newer trend of tossing out matching living room sets in favor of mixed furniture. Think of a velvet couch paired with a tweed side chair and an acrylic coffee table. Mixed textures in art and wall decor complete the trend.

Make it Memphis.

In the ’80s and early ’90s, a design group comprised of Italy’s best interior designers created the Memphis style--a design centered around bold, bright primary colors, art deco, pop art, and geometry. This style saw a resurgence in 2019 with its own modern twist, and we expect to see it continue to rise in popularity in 2020.

High designed ceilings.

Popcorn ceilings and plain tile simply won’t do now. Painted ceilings and custom crown molding are everything right now.

Warmer, darker countertops.

We love quartz. Like really love quartz. But the pristine, white quartz we’ve all come to know and love is being replaced by something darker and warmer. As the walls and cabinets get moodier in color, so do the countertops.

Accent Au naturel.

We may be tossing minimalism out with the wind, but natural accents are still all the way in, however, the trend is evolving. Succulents aren’t really a thing anymore, but natural stone slabs of any type in any area of the home are a sign of sophisticated, modern style. Organic, light wood accents are also wildly popular, only today’s wood accents are slimmer, rounder, and sometimes intricate, other times simple. Remember when wrought iron and wood furniture was a big thing? Replace the wrought iron with lacquer and you’ve got a coffee table made in 2019. Artisan, rattan, and natural fiber lamps and other accent pieces complete this trend.

The return of contemporary classics.

Contemporary kitchens were BIG in 2019. This trend will carry on and classic, English traditional style will also continue their re-emergence in 2020. Chocolate walls, warm tones, marble countertops, rounded edges, and glass-front cabinetry are all having their time in the sun.

White is still alright.

Let’s be real. White kitchens will never go out of style. Like ever. However, they may step out of the spotlight for a while or at the very least, evolve into something new. While white, monochrome kitchens are still popular with remodelers, a growing number of homeowners are itching for something different. Enter the moody kitchen with its dark cabinets and bold walls and geometric tiles. Then there’s the white kitchen with a twist--a white kitchen flanked by those natural accents we keep talking about, wood and stone. Black and white kitchens also made a return, this time styled with gold or bronze accents that rings true to the increasingly popular art deco trend.

Overwhelmed by today’s trends and unsure of which direction to go with your upcoming remodel? McCarley Cabinets works with the area’s top interior designers to give you an update you’ll love for years to come. Request a free project estimate today at 662-728-1533.

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