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2020 Bathroom Redesign Trends

Your bathroom is one of two areas that shows the age of your home the most. It’s also a make-or-breaker for buyers who aren’t interested in updating the home after purchase. You don’t always have to do a complete reno to bring the space up to date, although the more updates you do the more your home value will increase. We did our research and put together this list of bathroom design trends that are kicking off the new decade.

Mood Baths

Moody color palettes and deep soak, dark-colored tubs are rising in popularity. Marbleized wallpaper, brass finishes, colored sinks, and shaped tile are popular finishes for mood baths but they also work well with other new trends.

This bathroom hits several redesign trends including a moody color palette, deep soak tub and dramatic tile. It even has a biophilic touch with the bamboo stool and the placement of the tub near a large window overlooking a garden. (Image = Inside Out Magazine)

Dramatic Tile

Speaking of shaped tile, let’s talk more about the true star of bathrooms. Tile has always been a fashionable way to add a unique design to bathrooms and it may just be more popular now than ever before. While the subway tile will always be a bathroom classic, it’s taking a backseat to funky tile shapes like scallop, hexagon, and circle. Marble, mosaic, wood and 3D tile are also trending, as are partially tiled walls and travertine tile.

Nature Baths

Bringing nature inside has always been a thing and like all home decor styles, natural design is constantly evolving. The natural design buzzword for the new decade is biophilic. Biophilic designs are as simple as surrounding a freestanding tub with short houseplants or as dramatic as covering the floors and walls with stone, concrete, or wood, or adding a hydroponic wall garden for an accent wall. Big open windows that make you feel as if you are stepping outside instead of out of the shower are a common biophilic design element. Open showers and spa or jacuzzi baths add luxury to this trend.

Sad news about this bathroom at Southern Ocean Lodge. It was recently destroyed in the Kangaroo Island bush fires in Australia.

Don't want to commit to a hydroponic wall or taking care of all those plants? Just use plenty of wood features, a deep soak tub, and large mirrors and windows overlooking the great outdoors.

The Fairest Mirrors of Them All

Image =

When you ask a 2020 mirror, “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?”, they’ll answer, “I, the mirror, am the fairest.” That’s because integrated lighting and dramatic framing make the mirrors of the new Roaring ‘20s more dazzling than ever.

Got an idea in mind to renovate your bathroom and bring it into the new decade? McCarley Cabinets can help bring your vision to life. Dial 662-728-1533 or click the get a free quote link to get started with a free project estimate.

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