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Why Two Kitchen Sinks is Better Than One

A couple of decades ago, two kitchen sinks in a home kitchen were rare unless you were in a luxury home or a home owned by a chef. Today, almost all new homes have two sinks--one for prep and one for cleanup. Here’s why.

Two sinks = A more organized, efficient, and hygienic kitchen

Having a prep sink and a cleanup sink makes it easier to achieve a highly organized and efficient kitchen. Your prep sink will go near the pantry, fridge and prep area. If you have an island or peninsula, your prep sink will most likely go here, placed to one side so you have maximum space to prep. Your cleanup sink will go near the dishwasher and cabinets used to store plates, cups and other eating necessities. Establishing these separate areas allows for better flow throughout the kitchen and makes it easier for multiple people to work at the same time. Organizing your kitchen and deciding which cabinets will hold dinnerware and which will hold cookware is easier when the cooking, cleaning, and preparation zones are already clearly established

Keeping your prep and cleanup sink separate also promotes better kitchen hygiene. You don’t have to worry about the veggies you’re washing becoming contaminated by germs left from dirty dishes when you use a separate sink.

Your prep sink should be prioritized in the kitchen design.

Because you’ll spend more time prepping than cleaning, you want to give your prep sink the prime real estate. If your kitchen is designed for socializing, you’ll want the prep sink placed on the island or peninsula where people are most likely to gather while you cook. If your kitchen is strictly a workspace with no island or peninsula, place the prep sink in front of a window. You’ll also want your pantry, fridge and other food storage zones to be placed around the prep sink.

One place you don’t want your prep sink near? Your cleanup sink. The cleanup sink and zone should be near the dining room or kitchen table and one shouldn’t have to pass through the prep zone to get to it.

Not sure how two kitchen sinks will fit into your renovation plans and budget? McCarley Cabinets can help you figure it out when you choose us to design your kitchen cabinets and countertops. Get a free project estimate now. (link to free quote)

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