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Jazz Up Any Bathroom with These Makeover Ideas

Bathrooms are one of the most valuable rooms in the home right behind kitchens and if you want to wow potential buyers...or just wow yourself, you need a bathroom that features more than your typical toilet, bath/shower combo, and sink or vanity. You need a bathroom with unique design features and choices that enhance the style and efficiency of the room.

In a recent article, Houzz asked six designers to share their favorite features from recent bathroom projects that took the rooms from ordinary to extraordinary. Some bathrooms had one standout feature that made the entire room while other baths were stitched together with a series of well-placed accents and features.

Unique Makeover Idea #1 Vibrant Vanities

In the first bathroom, the designer painted the vanity and other cabinetry in the bathroom a bright, emerald green and paired it with wood elements and mostly white and gray neutral colors everywhere else in the room to soften it up. This design of choosing a bold color for cabinetry is a trend that continues throughout the home featured in this particular project, which is a great design choice for people who love to accent with color.

Unique Makeover Idea #2 Tile Wainscoting Paired with Wallpaper

Call it a business on the bottom, party on the top kind of design. This makeover uses a simple tile to create wainscoting on the bottom wall and a luxurious wallpaper on top resulting in a small but glamorous bathroom any homeowner would love. Shimmery shell tile and brass finishes complete the look.

Unique Makeover Idea #3 Tiled Feature Wall Behind Vanity

Got a tiny bathroom or powder room? Give it a visual boost with 3D tile behind the vanity or sink, like San Francisco designer Julie Johnson did for this powder room located underneath a staircase in a home office.

Unique Makeover Idea #4 Textured Feature Wall

Textured tile adds visual interest and warmth to an otherwise plain bathroom, according to Yellow House designer Jennifer Corteville, who used this design to brighten up and add pizzazz to an early 90's bathroom in the town of Birmingham, Michigan. This particular room is monochrome white, which can give spaces a sterile feel, but the textured tile behind the standalone bath is all it needs to keep from feeling like a hospital room bath.

Unique Makeover Idea #5 Wallpaper Accents

Got a bathroom with small accent walls around a built-in bath or to separate the vanity area from the toilet and bath area? Jazz up the entire room by wrapping those small accent walls in bold wallpaper, like Jacksonville, FL designer Maria DeGange did when she redesigned a 1970s guest bath into an easy to use and maintain bathroom for a Florida family with a visually impaired son. The result was a fun, whimsical space that fits perfectly with the location of the home and makes the room appear visually larger at the same time.

Unique Makeover Idea #6 Feature Shower Wall

Add a bit of snazziness to any shower/bath combo with a tile feature wall. NYC designer Melinda Wolrab used 3D tile (a major emerging home trend in 2020) to create a small but mighty feature wall and paired it with bold brass fixtures to turn a plain combo tub into something unexpected and appealing. Navy cabinets, another big home trend this year, complete the look.

Want to read more about these designs and the specific products used in each room? Check out the original article on Houzz. Want to incorporate a design detail or two from this list in your bathroom renovation? Call McCarley Cabinets at 662-728-1533 to schedule a time to come by our Booneville office to discuss your design ideas and learn how we can make them come to life when you choose us as your cabinet designer.

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