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Fall 2020 Pantone Colors

Primaries and pastels were the names of the game for Pantone’s color picks for spring and it looks it will be the same story for fall, though the shades change up a bit. Just about every color of the rainbow has a place in this fall’s lineup, including Pantone’s Color of the Year, Classic Blue. Check out Classic Blue and the other top shades below.

Classic Blue

It doesn’t get much more blue (or classic) than this slightly royal shade of blue. This perfect shade transcends the seasons and the years, in our opinion.


Think of that perfect orange shade leaves take on in the thick of fall and you’ve got Amberglow. Its a great accent color that pairs well with all neutral colors and adds a pop of fun to any room.


Samba is our fall red and it’s a bold, vibrant color that would also work well as an accent shade.


Sandstone is our earthy tone. Think of a light terra cotta shade with a beautiful, laid back vibe. It’s a fun shade to bring nature indoors.

Ultramarine Green

Ultramarine green is jewel-tone emerald that would look beautiful on kitchen or bathroom cabinets, or even on a bedroom wall.

Rose Tan

This light, dusty pink is 2020’s answer to millennial pink, which apparently is past its heyday. This pink is softer and more pink, if you will than millennial pink, and would look great in a powder room.

Peach Nougat

This warm, sweet tone is peachy keen for just about every room in the house, particularly the dining room.

Fired Brick

If you’re looking for a red that’s less vibrant but still bold, then Fired Brick is your shade.

Magenta Purple

This fun purple has the slightest hint of pink to give it that signature magenta shade. We love it as an accent color or even for a small room like a powder room.

Almond Oil

We’ve seen Almond Oil on Pantone’s shortlist before and understandably so--this toasty milky white is the perfect shade of cream. If you’re tired of white kitchen cabinets but don’t want to stray too far from the mat, this shade is it.

Blue Depths

For some reason, looking at this shade makes us want to burst into our own rendition of the Frozen II song, “Into the Unknown”! Call it the color of the cosmos or the shade of the deep ocean, as long as you agree its one of the best shades navy blue has to offer.


You can’t get a more timeless shade of grey than Sleet. Looks fabulous on cabinets!

Military Olive

Not ready to go for a truer shade of green? Try this tried but true olive green shade which carries a strong hint of brown.

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