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Range Hood Designs for Every Style

Much like a fireplace in a living room, the range hood has become the focal point of the kitchen. Thanks to newer range hood technology like hood inserts, today’s homeowners have more style options than ever before.

Range hood options

Homeowners have three main types of hoods--the all-in-one, the two-part blower and shell, and the hood insert. The first option is the most popular and budget-friendly. Its classic design works well with just about every style.

The second type of range hood to come along, the two-part blower and shell, was the first customization option for homeowners. Blower and shell combos are sold together, and the shell serves as a bold, statement piece that covers the blower, which is the piece that actually does all the work of venting away fumes and keeping the air clean.

The third range hood option, the hood insert, is the newest type of the three, though it’s been around for years now. This option is quickly becoming the homeowner’s choice for range hoods because its cover can be customized any way the homeowner wants. We love this option because designing your custom hood vent cover is part of our job as your cabinet maker!

We also enjoy working with the other range hood options because bringing different elements together to create a stunning kitchen you’ll never want to leave is the best part of our job. Take a look at our favorite range hood designs for every interior home style.

Get more details on the various range hood designs including which designs fit your budget.

Transitional Kitchens

Because transitional is a blend of both modern and traditional styles, just about any range hood option will work including the all-in-one. But if you’re going for a custom insert option, we absolutely love the way shiplap looks wrapped around a range hood. Adding a simple wood beam across the front gives a rustic feel. This simple beam can transition from rustic to more refined with a smoother, more luminescent finish.

Traditionalists and transitional style lovers alike enjoy the look of a range hood cover that is made in the style of the kitchen’s cabinetry.

Contemporary Kitchens

Clean lines is the name of the game for contemporary kitchens. Contemporary lovers often choose an all-in-one chimney style range hood for its sleek look while other fans of this style opt for a stainless steel and glass hood or a custom cover that matches the cabinetry and is flush with the rest of the cabinets.

Traditional Kitchens

Blower and shell combos shine in traditional kitchens thanks to its popular mantel style shell that traditionalists favor. If a mantel isn’t your thing or you just want a custom piece for your traditional kitchen, we recommend a decorative wood cover that makes a statement.

Ready to get started designing your new range hood cover and cabinetry for your kitchen renovation? McCarley Cabinets is ready to consult with you about your project and design and build the kitchen of your dreams. Request your free project estimate now at 662-728-1533.

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