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5 Decorating Ideas for Above the Cabinet

Decorating your kitchen requires a bit more creativity due to all the cabinetry and shelving you’ll need to work around. Sure, the colors and choices you select for your walls, cabinets, countertops, and floors help set your style but the decor makes your design shine. A great area of the kitchen to add decor is that empty space between the top of your cabinets and the ceiling. Check out our favorite decor ideas for that space.

Farmhouse Finds

Time to hit the antique stores or your grandmother’s attic for this style. Wicker baskets, vintage signs, and antique kitchenware are a few of the items you can add to the top of your cabinetry to instantly add that farmhouse feel to the room. Soften up the look with seasonal faux flowers in old milk or mason jars.

Pottery Collection

Pottery looks beautiful in any room but it really shines in the kitchen, especially when it's displayed collectively with other pieces. Turn that boring space above the cabinets into a makeshift gallery for these unique works of art.

Potted Plants

Though it's not an ideal place for kitchen herbs that need sunlight to thrive, other houseplants or even faux plants bring nature indoors and greenery never goes out of style. Add pizazz by choosing fun, colorful pots for the plants.

Pretty Fragile

Depression glass and other glass and porcelain collections fit perfectly above most kitchen cabinets and you won’t have to worry about them being broken up there.

Kitchen Talk

Nothing sends your kitchen’s message loud and clear like big metal letters and cute diner signs. There’s no shortage of various display letters at stores like Hobby Lobby, all you need to do is pick your message and your style.

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