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5 Retro Home Trends That are Making a Comeback

They say what goes around comes around especially when it comes to trends. According to Southern Living, these five old home trends are set to make a big comeback over the next year.

Art Deco Style

The Great Gatsby would be proud to see the velvet side chairs and chaises and geometric patterns of his era returning to the spotlight. Many homeowners are tired of the sleek, minimalist trends that dominated the last decade and as we dive into the Roaring 20’s 2.0, we can expect to see more trends from the original Roaring 20’s making their way into this generation’s homes.

Natural Textiles like Rattan, Wicker, and Bamboo

Okay, so here in the South, these tried-and-true materials never really go out of style but SL claims the rest of the country is getting on board with wicker furniture, rattan baskets, and bamboo tables. We always knew we had the best styles in the South but we’re glad the rest of the nation is finally appreciating them, too.

Retro Appliances

Again, today’s homeowners have grown tired of the modern minimalist look and are heading in the opposite direction to fill their kitchens with appliances. From colorful vintage refrigerators to replicas of antique stoves, homeowners are embracing the oldies but goodies. We predict the Hoover cabinet will make a comeback before this trend is said and done.

The Return of the ’70s

Remember the popular greens, tans, and yellow shades of the ’70s? Well, those are just a few of the colors returning to homes as homeowners kick the neutrals of the 2010s to the curb. But we beg you, don’t go overboard with repainting every room. Start with painting the dining room or powder room and be sure to consult a paint expert to pick shades that complement the other colors of your home.

Chrome is the New Black

In keeping with the art deco trend, chrome is quickly replacing black and brass as the choice accent metal. For the kitchen, think of adding a 50’s diner appeal with chrome bases for stools or replacing your current hardware with chrome for an instant update.

Not sure which trends would work well with your upcoming kitchen renovation plans? McCarley Cabinets consults with the area’s top interior designers to help you design a kitchen you’ll love with the home decor trends you want to see. Request a free project quote today to learn how we can help you create the kitchen of your dreams.

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