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Planning Your Kitchen Space

When planning a kitchen remodel, homeowners are often inspired by a kitchen they’ve seen in a magazine, on a home design show, or on Pinterest. Choosing materials and finishes may be the most enjoyable part of the remodeling process but they’re actually among the last decisions you’ll make along the journey. The first step, and arguably the most important, is planning your kitchen’s space including the layout and schematic design.

Why is it more important than the appliances and materials you’ll use? Because even the most extravagant materials and finishes in the world can’t hide a poorly designed space. Here’s what you can do to ensure your kitchen remodel dream doesn’t become a nightmare.

Step One: Work with a designer or kitchen design professional to create your space plan.

Some homeowners are hesitant to hire a designer to help plan their remodel because they think the cost will eat into their budget. The truth is, working with a design professional helps homeowners stick more closely to their budget and saves them from costly surprises later on during the remodeling process. Designers will develop a schematic plan based on the space you have to work with. They’ll help you choose the best layout for your kitchen’s space and determine the scope of work needed to make your remodel happen.

Step Two: Call contractors for preliminary estimates.

Contractors like for homeowners to have a functioning plan and written scope of work in place before they give a preliminary estimate, which is another reason why step one is so important. Though the final cost of the remodel may differ from the initial estimate, this number helps you stick closer to your budget and gives you a clearer picture of what your budget can actually afford.

Step Three: Design the details.

Once you’ve tentatively finalized your floor plan, your designer can start detailing the design. This is where you’ll make aesthetic and function decisions for your cabinets and island or peninsula if your plan includes one. You’ll decide the style of cabinets as well what kitchen items will go in each one. Deciding where the spice cabinet will go and which cabinets will hold your utensils, silverware, and pots and pans help your cabinet designer determine how to build your cabinetry.

Step Four: Choose Materials and Finishes

Talk about saving the best for last. By the time you reach this planning phase, you’ll understand why the previous steps are so essential to follow before getting to this step. Your vision will also be coming together with an actual design drawn out that will help this final phase go smoothly. For more details on choosing your kitchen finishes, check out our recent blog.

Are you ready to start planning your kitchen remodel with a kitchen design professional? Then you’re ready to make the call to McCarley Cabinets. We’ll work with you from that crucial first step to the very final step of the remodeling process--walking into and admiring your new kitchen. Click here to request your free consultation and estimate now.

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