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Cabinet and Drawer Hardware Placement

It’s the little things that count the most, right? That thought doesn’t just apply to life moments. When it comes to determining the quality of a remodel, it’s the little things like cabinet and drawer hardware placement that speak volumes. Think about the last time you visited a home you knew had undergone a DIY renovation. At first glance, the job looked good, until you began to notice the “little things” like poor grout work in the kitchen tile and oddly placed cabinet or drawer knobs. This is the moment you realized how important those tiny details like knob placement truly are to a high-quality renovation.

Cabinet Knob and Pull Placement

Like with every other design method today, there’s a traditional and modern way to place your knobs or pulls. Don’t be fooled by the term ‘traditional’, which some people mistake for meaning old-fashioned. Traditions usually begin from a good idea--which is why the “traditional” knob and pull placement is still our favorite way to place hardware in most cases.

Modern knob placement on cabinets puts the knobs slightly higher or lower placing the end of the knob flush or slightly past the edge of the horizontal piece of the frame.

When it comes to a five-piece cabinet design, traditional placement is centering the knob in the corner of the face frame. This places it in the center of vertical and horizontal frame pieces, making this placement the easiest to reach. Traditional pull placement sees the pull placed so that the bottom of the pull on upper cabinets and the top of the pull on lower cabinets are both centered on the corner.

Drawer Knob and Pull Placement

Typically, drawers only require one knob or pull which is centered vertically. This traditional placement works well in most designs--except with stacked drawers. This placement becomes harder to reach with each drawer in the stack.

The alternative placement is in the upper frame piece or, on a slab drawer, in the upper quarter of the drawer. This placement is the easier of the two options to reach.

Want to know more about cabinet and drawer hardware placement? Check out this article by Houzz. Want to know how we can help you fulfill your kitchen renovation vision? Click here to request a free project estimate.

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