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How Do You Want Your Home to Feel?

mccarley cabinets blog how do you want your home to feel

The number one reason most homeowners remodel their home is that they want to love their home more. When you’re planning a remodel it’s easy to get caught up in the technical side of things like choosing your materials and deciding if you want to add a prep sink in your new kitchen. But ask any interior designer out there and they’ll agree that if you want to create a space you’re going to love forever you should ask yourself how you want your home to feel.

In other words, how do you want to feel when you walk in the door of your home? What do you want to see? What do you not want to see? What do you wish your guests to feel when they walk through your door? Asking yourself these questions helps you and your designer create a space that matches your wishes. These questions are also helpful for figuring out your style if you’re unsure about what you like.

Most people tend to want one or two of a few different types of “feelings” people from their home. For instance, some people want a home that’s relaxed, comfy, and lived-in. Imperfections like the occasional ding on a piece of furniture or a slightly cluttered bookshelf are no biggie for the relaxed home. Other types of “feelings” that are common among homeowners include:

  • Creative. It’s no surprise that creators like to fill their homes with things that inspire them to do what they love the most--create. Creative homes aren’t usually defined by one style or another and decor often consists of mood boards, album covers, and photos that act as muses.

  • Peaceful. Think cool colors, minimal clutter, interesting textures, and thick curtains to drown out noise and negativity.

  • Welcoming. If there’s one feeling all homeowners should want for their home it’s this one. If you don’t feel a sense of relief and comfort when you walk through the door of your home, it’s time for a change. A remodel may be in order, but it’s not the only way to make your home feel more welcoming. Faster, simpler ways to make your home feel more comfortable include getting rid of clutter, adding a lamp for a warm glow, and getting additional seating for guests. The key to keeping this feeling happening all the time is to stay consistent in habits that keep your home welcoming. You know how clean your home needs to be for you to feel good about it. Likewise, you know how much clutter you can deal with before it raises your anxiety.

  • Fun. This is one of those feelings that’s more about what you do inside your home rather than what fills the inside of your home. Make your home the place to be for game night, movie night, and fun birthday parties. Families who want a fun home typically also want a relaxed home so they can feel more comfortable having fun.

  • Authentic. Much like a creative or relaxed home, authentic homes are about you being you. People who want an authentic home don’t confine themselves to a certain style but rather they fill their home with the things they love, from Grandma’s quilt to a Fleetwood Mac record collection that hangs in the foyer.

  • Safe. Sure, we all want our homes to feel safe but some of us value this feeling above others. Privacy is a big deal to these homeowners and so is the need to make guests and other household members feel safe and secure.

  • Happy. Houzz suggests making a list of things you think happy homes are all about. Pick three things that make you happy to do each week, like cozying up with the kids and a bowl of popcorn for family movie night at home or making sit-down family dinners a thing.

One last question to ask yourself is what top three words do you want to be used to describe your home? Do you want creative, relaxed, and authentic or safe, happy, and fun? Once you’ve decided on these top three feelings it’s time to figure out what it will take to achieve them. Do you need a remodel or will a little bit of sprucing and cleaning do the trick?

If your home doesn’t make you feel good and you know that it’s gonna take more than a few new throw pillows or a good deep cleaning to make you love it again, McCarley Cabinets can help. We design spaces for every room in the house from the kitchen to the bath. Request a free project estimate by phone today by dialing 662-728-1533.

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