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How to Create the Perfect Learning Space in Your Home

The 2020 school year officially kicked off last month and many of our students headed “back” to school in a whole new way. If your children are trying out distance learning this year they’re going to need a designated learning area. Setting up a learning environment in your home will help your kids get into the mindset they need to focus and learn. The good news is that you don’t have to add on a new room or make any major changes to current ones in order to create a great learning space. You just need a few supplies, a creative mind, and our expert tips.

Find the Perfect Learning Space

Younger kids will need an area where you can keep an eye on them easily but older kids and teens can get away with a more private setup like their bedroom. The ideal learning area of your home is quiet with a lot of natural light. Natural light in a learning space has been proven to increase concentration and it helps set your children’s circadian rhythm to help their bodies get on a healthier, more natural routine. Of course, the space will need room for a desk or table but even a quiet hallway with a window works great as a work/learning area.

Prep and Decorate for Success

Clear the learning area of any clutter. If there’s room, give each kid their own desk or table to create separation. If not, don’t worry, there’s still ways to add distance. No, you don’t have to build a wall but you can get creative coming up with makeshift dividers. Bookshelves and folding walls work well, or you just hang a curtain. A curtain or sheet even works to divide up space and establish privacy when your students need to share a table. Use the walls in your learning space to inspire your students. Hang brightly colored ABCs and 123s for younger kids and go for inspirational quotes, world maps, and posters of positive role models for older students.

Get the Kids Involved

Let your children help you set up the space and choose some of the decor. It’s important to keep the decor to a minimum and distraction-free but we’re all happier in a space that’s pleasing to our eyes. Let them choose the inspirational quotes and posters and maybe let them pick out one “fun” accessory like a lava lamp to help light their work area.

Make it Comfortable

We’re not talking about adding throw blankets and pillows. Comfortable doesn’t necessarily mean cozy. We’re talking about making sure your kids’ seats are comfortable to sit in and things like lighting aren’t too harsh. Giving them plenty of room to move around in is also key for comfort. Why is comfort important? It’s essential to have good concentration while studying or working.

Got a spot in your home that would be perfect for learning if only it had a built-in desk and shelves? We can help with that. Contact us today to find out more about how we can craft the perfect learning space in your home.

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