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Should You Choose a Shower Curtain or Door?

One of the hardest decisions you’ll make concerning the design/style of your bathroom is whether your shower/tub combo will have a shower curtain, panel or door. We’re sharing the benefits of both to help make your decision easier.

The Case for the Shower Curtain

Perhaps the absolute best thing about shower curtains is their versatility. Don’t like the style of your bathroom? Toss the shower curtain and start over. Add new rugs and a couple of towels to match and boom! You’ve taken your bathroom from traditional to modern. Or modern to bohemian, or whatever style you enjoy.

No matter your favorite style, shower curtains are an easy way to make your bathroom look pretty and soften the space. Let’s face it. Without the right decor, bathrooms can feel sterile and uninviting. Shower curtains break up space and give the user something nice to look at while they take care of business.

Shower curtains are also the simplest solution to turn a standalone tub into a shower. All you need is a quick trip to a home or hardware store for a new curtain and shower extension for your tub’s faucet.

Today’s shower doors are not your mama’s clunky, bulky glass door with equally bulky hardware. Modern shower doors are sometimes not even doors at all but panels that can be cut and customized to fit your bathtub’s needs and bathroom space. For instance, custom panels or doors are the perfect solutions for fitting a tub in a tricky space like under a nook or sloped ceiling.

Glass panels also extend the bathroom’s space visually which is great if you’re working with a small area. Glass panels and doors keep the look of your bathroom sleek and simple. Sleek and simple doesn’t have to mean boring and sterile either. Today’s designs enhance the look of your bathroom rather than take away from it. Just be sure your panels or doors have a special coating that helps prevent limescale and dirt accumulation.

Don’t enjoy cleaning water up from the floor after you shower or stepping onto a wet shower rug? Maybe you have kids that aren’t great at placing the inner shower liner inside the tub to prevent water spillage. Glass panels and doors give your tub or shower full enclosure so you never have to deal with wet floors again.

We can’t tell you which choice is best for you but we can help you achieve the bathroom of your dreams by designing and building custom cabinetry and shelving for the space. Click here to request a free quote now.

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