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Mantel Ideas and Tips for Your Fireplace

The fireplace mantel is one of the best spots in the house to show off your interior home style. We’ve got several tips and tricks for styling your mantel like a pro.

Keep it simple...or don’t. Just don’t go overboard.

Some people like pickles better than onions on their burger. The same can be said about how many or how few pieces you use to decorate your mantel. For a crisp, clean look keep it simple with just a few key pieces. If you’re maximalist when it comes to decorating, be careful to shy away from adding too much and try to stick to recurring pieces like lots of floral, greenery, succulents, or even a collection of antiques or pottery to maximize instead of cluttering the mantel with a bunch of random items.

Try the Scandinavian or Boho vibe.

These styles are great for minimalists who want to, ahem, maximize the use of their decor. We’re talking antlers if you got ‘em, wooden bowls or vases, strategically placed books, a succulent or house plant, and maybe a wooden stick or two from the backyard. To take it from Scandi to Boho, add a woven basket, a boho pillow, and throw blanket to round out the bottom of fireplace. Bohemian floor pillows and a wood framed mirror leaned atop the mantel also add to the vibe.

Give your favorite collection a home.

Perhaps you’re an antiques collector, or the inheritor of your grandmother’s china. Or you could be a collector of something random like globes or blown glass vases. Whatever you collect, give it a display home everyone can enjoy right on top of the mantel. In addition antiques of any sort, we love pottery collections and succulents for the mantel.

Artwork is the perfect centerpiece.

Whether it’s a collection of prints or a single statement piece, the mantel is one of the best places in the home to show off your favorite artwork. A family photo canvas also works great here.

Symmetry can be fun.

If you have a collection of various pieces you want to use to create a style, try to be symmetrical in your placement. There’s just something about symmetry that’s pleasing to the eye.

Clocks and mirrors are great centerpieces.

Stumped on choosing the perfect centerpiece? You can’t go wrong with a clock or mirror. Mirrors are especially helpful in creating the illusion of a larger space in a small room. Don’t be afraid to go a little wild with your selection. Clocks and mirrors are a fun way to show off your unique style.

Trim your mantel with bookshelves or cabinets. Built-in bookshelves surrounding a fireplace create the most stunning, cozy effect. They’re also a great place for overflow of the collection pieces on your mantel.

Versatility never goes out of style and you can still be versatile even with a collection. If you’re adding lots of floral, go for different colors or flowers. Same goes for greenery, houseplants, and succulents. Keep things fun and spicy!

Ready to create the perfect fireplace and mantel for your home? McCarley Cabinets is ready to help you achieve your vision. Give us a call Monday - Friday at 662-728-1533 or click here to request your free project quote now.

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