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The Five Design Trends That Never Go Out of Style

Most home design trends come and go but a few seem to transcend time. A recent article from Houzz compared photos of various spaces throughout the home designed around a decade ago to show how the designs still look fresh and stylish today.

Traditional Bathrooms

Bathrooms are their own special type of beast when it comes to choosing the perfect style for the room. But ask any design expert around and they’ll agree you can’t go wrong with traditional style in a bathroom. The great thing about traditional is that it’s much more versatile than one might think and you can easily update the space with new accessories every few years.

Hardworking Storage

The storage space behind cabinets and drawers throughout the home are not your mother’s storage space. Storage that works hard has become more and more popular since the dawn of the 21st century as is evident from these spaces designed a decade ago and today’s storage areas. As technology progresses so does versatility in functionality in home storage spaces. Today’s cabinets and drawers charge phones, provide extra outlets, are organized with custom dividers and lazy susans, and help provide maximum storage in each space.

Shades of Blue, Gray, and Cream

Neutrals are timeless but these three colors seem to withstand time the best. Rooms with these shades always appear stylish no matter how long it’s been since the room was updated. They are also shades that pair well with just about any other color on the wheel.

White Kitchens

We’ve said it before, and we’ll repeat it now. You can never, ever, ever go wrong with a white kitchen. The hardware and accents might change over time for a quick update but you can design a white kitchen and never need to renovate it again due to style changes. Think white kitchens are boring? These kitchens should change your mind.

Calm, Contemporary Style

Contemporary is like a close cousin of traditional and much like it, contemporary never really goes out of style. Contemporary design is cleaner and sharper than traditional but rounded edges are still welcome, unlike today’s popular modern style. Contemporary-styled rooms tend to feel calm and inviting, two reasons it remains a timeless design loved by design experts.

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