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2021 Bathroom Trends

Like everything else, we’re seeing the impact of a pandemic in 2021’s bathroom design trends. From the reemergence of the medicine cabinet to customized features, this year’s bathroom trends are based on cleanliness, individual needs, and comfort.

Nook and Cranny Storage

That’s a nice-looking nook you have there over the toilet. Sure would be a great place for a storage cabinet! Nooks and crannies were once popular spots for a-ha storage areas and now they’ve reclaimed that role. They are perfect for storing small bathroom items like washcloths and hygiene products and they add a nice design element to any space.

Detailed Vanities

Sleek, modern, no-frills vanities are out and intricate details are in! As nostalgia and classic design touches re-gain popularity, so do traditional style elements like vanities with custom design details. Basically, we’re ready for something pretty to look at while we brush and floss.

Floating Vanities

Though most bathroom trends of recent years are out, floating vanities are still in. That’s because today’s homeowners appreciate the practicality and space-saving features of the floating vanity. They are perfect for visually enhancing the size of a small bathroom and they give bathrooms a cleaner, more airy appearance.

Custom Needs

The 2010s saw homeowners focus on designing bathrooms meant to satisfy everyone instead of their own individual needs. But as 2020 shifted our focus to the importance of self-care so did our desire to have a home that functions for our personal needs instead of who might purchase it in the future. Homeowners are adding features like hand-held shower faucets, shower railing, bidets, and smart technology instead of going for universal design elements.

The Return of The Medicine Cabinet

For some reason, one of the most practical design features of the bathroom, the medicine cabinet, took a major backseat over the last decade. But now that we’re staying home and taking medical care more seriously, the medicine cabinet is suddenly important again. These aren’t the plain jane, utilitarian cabinets of yesteryear, however. Today’s medicine cabinets are backlit with tastefully designed mirrors meant to add to the style of your bathroom instead of taking away from it.

Free-Standing Soaker Tubs

2021 is putting the “bath” back into bathroom. Nice, spacious showers are still a thing but freestanding soaker tubs have regained the spotlight as the go-to place to wash and rest your laurels. Though placing a tub in your shower was a big trend a couple of short years ago, homeowners are now longing for that spa-like, tranquil feel of a freestanding tub.

There you have it. The 2021 design trends for bathrooms are on the books and ready to be added to your upcoming renovation plans. Start designing your new bathroom with McCarley Cabinets today by requesting your free project estimate here.


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