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Bathroom Reno Ideas That Increase Home Value

Bathroom renovations offer homeowners a potential 60 - 65 percent return on investment and are considered one of the best reno projects to increase home value, right behind a new roof and HVAC system. Bathrooms that offer the most ROI go beyond standard designs with unique features that stand out to home buyers. The following renovation ideas have been proven to add the most value to your home.

Statement Tubs

A tub isn’t just a tub anymore. It’s the focal point of full bathrooms, and it can be a deciding factor for some homeowners. You can buy a new tub with a unique design or you can make your current tub stand out with paneling, tiles, or even veneers. Create style and space for decor or storage with a wall around the bottom of the tub and a countertop, if you will, surrounding the tub, like this Houzz designer did for the home pictured below.

Barn Doors

Did you know that homes with barn doors in them on average sell 13% above the asking price? Bathrooms are a great room for a barn door because a sliding barn door saves space on a room that’s already smaller than most other rooms in the home and it adds a unique statement feature no homebuyer could forget. (image of barn door)

Faux Wood Tile

As you probably know, real wood doesn’t hold up well in high-moisture environments. But innovators in home improvement technology have engineered moisture-safe tile designed to look just like real wood. Wood is a popular bathroom feature among designers because of its relaxing qualities and spa-like appeal. Faux wood tile works great as a backsplash for your shower or for flooring. Incorporating faux wood tile in the bathroom also adds continuity to the rest of the home’s design if you are using wood features throughout the home.

Vertical Storage Space

Bathrooms typically lack the space for ample storage, even in larger bathrooms. That’s why many interior designers go up when it comes to creating more bathroom storage. Add floating or open shelving to a bathroom wall for instant added storage and value. (image of bathroom with shelves)

Ready to create a master bathroom that will increase your home’s value? McCarley Cabinets are experts in creating spaces with high value and design. Get started today by requesting your free project estimate here.


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