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Common Causes of Clutter and How to Fix Them

A few years ago, Marie Kondo convinced us all that we have way too much clutter in our homes and in our lives. While agreeing that we have too much clutter is easy, getting rid of clutter is much more difficult. Keeping it cleared after we’ve finally gotten rid of clutter is even harder. In today’s blog, we’re looking at the most common causes of clutter and how to fix them for good.

Life has changed.

One minute you’re young and free, the next you’ve got 2.5 kids and a dog named Max that loves to eat your shoes and poop on your favorite rug. Having a family isn’t the only life circumstance that can create more clutter in your home. Going through a major change like taking a new job or developing a health problem can also lead to housework taking a backseat.

You lack good cleaning habits and a system.

Some of us are born with a knack for cleaning and organizing. The rest of us…well, we do our best. Even if cleaning doesn’t come naturally, you can take a cue from the cleaning mavens of Pinterest and TikTok and implement some of their tried and true methods for keeping their home clean and clutter free.

Not having a good storage or organization system also quickly leads to clutter. Take chargers, for example. Without a designated space for charging technology, such as a charging drawer, you wind up with that dreaded wad of cords. The same can be said for laundry! Laundry is one of the biggest sources of clutter for many households. We like the tips in this article from Apartment Therapy on ideas to get your laundry better organized.

You own too many similar items with the same purpose.

Everyone has a favorite spatula. But do you really need six of them to determine you only like using the one? If you’ve got more than one version of an item it’s time to figure out which one (keyword: ONE) you want to keep and get rid of the rest. Don’t buy more unless the one you have is broken and be sure to throw it away. Keeping broken items is another habit too many homeowners practice.

You avoid making decisions about your things.

As much as we would like to believe that we could all make it just fine without our creature comforts, the truth is that most of us are pretty attached to our material possessions. And even if you do have three record players and you only need one, deciding which record players to give a new home is simply beyond your decision-making capability. At least…that’s what you think. When we have trouble making decisions, we make lists, mainly lists of pros and cons. It may seem silly to make a list of reasons why one record player is better than another but it works.

Your health has suffered.

Nothing will sideline you faster than an illness or injury. It’s totally normal and expected for housekeeping to fall to the wayside when you are sick or injured. Use these situations as a cue to ask for outside help. If you have a temporary illness or injury and just need a little help to get you through, try relying on family members or friends for the short term. But if your illness is permanent or long-term, you may want to start shopping for local housekeeping services. Friends and family are great for temporary relief, but you’ll need to hire someone who cleans and organizes for a living to help with long-term needs. Don’t feel guilty for not being able to handle the work on your own. Taking the stress out of housekeeping can only help your illness.

Great organization often begins in the planning phase of your home. For instance, we offer a wide variety of custom storage systems by Rev-a-shelf that are available to install in our cabinets. If you’re planning a renovation or even a new home build, we want to help you create beautiful, durable cabinets and storage systems that help your home stay organized and ready to welcome guests. To get started, click here to request your free project quote.


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