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Creating Harmony in the Kitchen

At McCarley Cabinets, we create custom kitchens to fit your dreams. But when there is disharmony in the kitchen even our beautiful designs aren’t enough to make the kitchen feel like a dream. We’re no therapists but we do have families and know what it’s like when there’s tension from disagreements over household chores. We thought we would share a few tips today on recapturing that sweet harmony you felt when your kitchen was brand-new and no one had cooked in it yet.

Don’t micromanage.

So your partner puts the butter in the produce drawer or your kids place their favorite drinks and cold foods near the front of every shelf when they put away the groceries. Is fighting over where to place a piece of food really worth the struggle? As long as it’s not a health or cross-contamination issue, let those little battles go.

Take care of your partner’s most disliked chore and vice versa.

Hate washing the dishes but love to clean those countertops and floors? Tell your spouse or other household members about the chores you wish you didn’t have to do and ask them to take care of it while you handle the tasks they hate to tackle. You’ll all feel less stress when you are easing one other’s burdens.

Use the golden rule of dishwashing.

And that rule is if you cook, you don’t wash. However, be ready to break the rule occasionally if you’ve cooked a particularly large meal and used every pot and pan in the kitchen. Sharing the burden is the key.

Avoid too many cooks in the kitchen.

If someone else wants to cook a meal, let them and move out of their way. Offer to help with prep work but otherwise, it’s okay to let someone else take the reigns every now and then.

Keep a master shopping list.

Designate a spot on the fridge or near the pantry to add a running list of ingredients you’re running low on so you don’t find yourself out of that one cream of soup when you’re starting up a new recipe. Encourage other household members to add to the list when they notice an item is out.

Make decisions during peace time, not the dinner rush.

Don’t argue at the dinner table or during the cooking process. Talk about issues or big decisions after the meal or during another family time. Keep your meal times a time for harmony and enjoying each other.

Get outside help when you need it.

Sometimes life gets busy and you need extra help to keep the home running smoothly. Don’t feel guilty about hiring a cleaning service or meal delivery when everyone in the family is busy.


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