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How to Age-Proof Your Bathroom

Bathroom with text "How to Age-Proof Your Bathroom"

Age-proofing your bathroom is a wise choice even if you don’t plan to live in your home forever. Age-proofed, or universal, bathrooms are appealing to home buyers because they likely won’t have to make any changes or improvements over the years.

Age proofing includes reducing slip hazards, ensuring adequate lighting, and maximum comfort. Universal design features make bathrooms more accessible for older adults and people with disabilities or an injury. In today’s blog we’re taking a look at the main elements you need to age-proof your bathroom.

  • Shower bench. A shower bench supplies a safe place to sit down, which is essential for an age-proofed bathroom. Shower benches reduce slipping and straining. Be sure to install a bench large enough to sit and bathe comfortably.

  • Hand-held shower head. Hand-held shower heads are easily adjustable and allow you to wash while seated.

  • Taller vanities. The standard height of most vanities is 31.5 inches. Some need a taller vanity, which reduces hunching and is wheelchair accessible. Higher vanities typically measure at 34.5 inches.

  • Comfort-height toilet. Standard toilets are 16 inches high. Comfort-height toilets are 17 to 19 inches. They help reduce strain on the back and knees.

  • Well-lit space. Good lighting is key to a safe and comfortable bathroom. A well-lit bathroom reduces eye strain and makes wet spots visible. Recessed lighting, vanity lighting, lamps, natural light, and enclosed shower lighting can be used in combination to create a well-lit space.

  • Porcelain wall and floor tile. Porcelain lasts a lifetime and is the easiest surface to clean. If you want to avoid grout, go for a porcelain tile with a rectified edge.

  • Textured flooring. High slip resistant flooring is necessary to make any water-prone area of the home safe. Information on slip resistance ratings can be found on the manufacturer’s website.

  • Curbless shower entry. Curbless showers minimize the risk of tripping over the edge and they are wheelchair accessible.

  • Narrow lip tub. Like a curbless shower, narrow lip tubs reduce the risk of falling while getting in and out of the bathtub.

There you have it. Everything you need to turn your bathroom into a universal or age-proofed bathroom. Looking to renovate your bathroom into a universal bath? We can help! From cabinets and countertops to an in-house designer to help you create the room of your dreams, McCarley Cabinets is the best choice for your upcoming bathroom reno. Dial 662-728-1533 to get started with a free quote.


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