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How to Choose the Right Kitchen Countertop Color

Like every other detail in your kitchen, choosing the wrong countertop color can completely change the look and feel of your kitchen’s design. In fact, countertops are one of the most important details to get right in your kitchen. These expert tips can keep you from making a common design mistake in your new kitchen.

Flecked or Softly Veined White

This popular style appears in a stone countertop material like quartz and works well in many types of kitchens. It softens traditional and transitional kitchens better than true white countertops and pairs well with brass accents, a popular choice for both kitchen styles. Flecked or softly veined white countertops are perfect for homeowners who want a big, light experience without it feeling clinical. Parents who want white countertops love this style because it hides the occasional crumb or speck of dirt better than pure white countertops.

Pure White

Typically only available in Corian or Caesarstone, pure white countertops add a minimalist, fresh appeal to kitchens. These countertops work best in contemporary or modern kitchens. Pure white adds the illusion of a bigger space in small kitchens. It also pairs perfectly with bold kitchen features like grainy wood cabinets, dark cabinets, and white and blue kitchens.


Wood countertops function well in most kitchens. They are popular for crisp, white kitchens as well as transitional kitchens that balance traditional and contemporary elements. Wood countertops are also a popular choice for kitchens with wood cabinets. Experts recommend keeping warm or cool tones across the board when pairing wood countertops with other wood finishes. Wood is a great choice for an accent if you want to add a dash of drama to the look of your kitchen or simply want a built-in butcher block space. Of course, wood is also the perfect choice for farmhouse, rustic, and Scandinavian style kitchens.

Dark or Black

Black countertops are a great choice for classic black and white kitchens, and they work well in other styles as well. Dark countertops blend well with dark cabinets, and they’re perfect for colorful, fun cabinets. Dark or black countertops are also a great complement to smoky, mirrored backsplashes, and they connect other black elements like appliances to the rest of the room’s look.

Midtone or Gray

Add a soft, inviting vibe to any kitchen style with midtone or gray countertops. These colors complement colorful cabinets or cabinets with a mix of multiple tones. Midtone and gray countertops also soften black and white kitchens and kitchens with espresso wood cabinets and white walls. The colors are also perfect for showing off metallic accents.


Dramatic, or boldly veined stone countertops, are for homeowners who have a flair for the, well, dramatic. However, experts recommend allowing the countertops to be the statement piece of the kitchen while scaling back the dramatics throughout the rest of the space. Aside from adding visual drama, dramatic countertops help offset the dark, moody tone of dark cabinets. Dark cabinets complement dramatic countertops by actually toning down the drama. Dramatic countertops work best in large kitchens, but they can also add flair to small, understated kitchens. For small kitchens, keep cabinet style and other design elements low-key so the style doesn’t feel overwhelming.

To learn more about countertop colors, check out this article from Houzz.

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