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How to Love Your Home Again

You’ve probably heard the term ‘seller’s market’. If not, it basically means that the housing market is more favorable to sellers than buyers, meaning it’s easy to sell your home right now. On the flip side, this also means that you might have to wait months or years to buy another home after selling yours or you’ll have to build.

We have a better solution. Why not learn to love your home again, instead? Think of the HGTV series, Love It or List It. What changes would you make in your home to love it instead of selling it? We have a few suggestions to help you figure out how to love your home again.

Stop Comparing and Start Getting Inspired

Perhaps you loved your home just fine until you stepped inside your friend’s new home complete with bells and whistles. Suddenly, the character you love about your home is the very thing that makes it feel old and outdated compared to your friend’s new pad.

Instead of comparing your home, why not get inspired by your friends’ homes? Incorporate the things you like about their homes into your own. This may mean a project as simple as a fresh coat of paint or a more complex renovation like new cabinets and countertops for your kitchen.

De-clutter and Deep Clean

One way to re-discover the magic you found in your home when you first moved in is to plan a major decluttering and deep cleaning project. If you can’t imagine taking on projects like these by yourself, consider hiring a professional organizer or cleaning service to help you out. You may not need a house cleaner every week but hiring this professional service to help with big cleaning and decluttering projects can take the overwhelm out of your projects.

Update the Outdated

If you were considering selling your home, consider a renovation instead. Fresh countertops and cabinets in your kitchen and bathrooms instantly update any home. New flooring to replace worn carpet or outdated styles also instantly upgrades your home. Getting rid of the things you no longer like about your home is the best way to start loving it again.

Are you ready to love your home again? McCarley Cabinets can help you get there with new cabinets and countertops for any room in the home. Get started today with a free quote at


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