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Old Home Trends Making a Comeback in 2021

“What’s Old is New Again” seems to be the running trend for interior home decor in 2021. Along with nature-themed colors, old home trends are making a major comeback and we couldn’t be happier about it. Take a look at our favorite “old is new” comeback trends.

Art Deco

Think geometric designs, metallic finishes, and old Hollywood glamour. Bright, fun colors and velvet furniture help round out the elements of this fun trend. If you’re a fan of The Great Gatsby and love to shop in antique and secondhand stores, you’re going to love art deco.

Natural Accents

Rattan, wicker, and bamboo accents are popping up everywhere. Boho and cottage core style lovers probably already have a display of rattan baskets adorning their walls along with a wicker chair or two somewhere around the home. If you’re like us and from the South, you probably won’t have to look very far for these natural pieces. Just give grandma a visit and ask to rummage through her attic or storage shed. If that fails, head to your local antique store.

Retro Appliances

From antique wood stoves to brightly colored 50s-style refrigerators, retro appliances are popping up in kitchens of all shapes and sizes. Anyone can find a retro appliance piece that fits their home’s style. Antique ovens make a beautiful and elegant addition to high-end kitchens while those colorful appliances of the 50s, 60s, and 70s pair well with eclectic, art deco, cottage, and boho styles.


Brass has been king of the metal accents for several years now and while it’s not ready to take a backseat just yet, brass is sliding over to the passenger side to make room for chrome. Chrome accents are quickly becoming THE choice for metal accents throughout the home. Again, it fits right in with the increasingly popular art deco style and it also pairs well with traditional, contemporary, and transitional styles.

Fifty Shades of the 70s

After years of greys and whites, neutral kitchens are giving way to color, particularly colors with a 1970s vibe. Greens, yellows, and browns are beautiful color choices for cabinets and the shades fit right in with that retro appeal.

Find out how you can add these fun trends to your kitchen reno design plans when you request your free project estimate and consult with our in-house interior designer.


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