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Quick Home Updates for the Holidays

So you’re planning to have holiday guests in your home this year. Hosting house guests is the perfect motivation to get those unfinished projects around your home done and to tackle those deep cleaning tasks. Today, we’re taking a look at six home updates you can do in your home before the first holiday guest arrives.

Finish incomplete projects.

Hang the wallpaper that’s been sitting by the accent wall in the dining room for months. Finish re-painting the trim in your guest bathroom. Hang those cabinet door knobs that will instantly update your kitchen. We all have unfinished projects around the house that are only a task or two away from being complete. Use the motivation of hosting holiday guests to take on those projects and complete them once and for all.

Give your entryway a makeover.

Your entryway is the first impression of your home’s interior. Make it stylish and comfortable for guests by adding a boot tray or a small rug to the space. If you don’t have a mudroom at your entryway, add a bench or console table for seating or storage. Then, incorporate seasonal artwork or decor to warm up the area.

Clear out the clutter.

Again, use that motivation of hosting guests to tackle those clutter prone areas. Clearing out the clutter instantly makes your home look neater and helps your style and decor stand out. Now is the time to donate, toss, or recycle unused or unwanted items.

Refresh your walls.

Are your walls looking tired and dingy? Time to give them a good cleaning, or even a fresh coat of paint if you have the time. If you don’t have time to paint, a good scrubbing will help your walls shine again.

Resolve problem areas.

You know the ones. The areas of your home that show wear and tear. Perhaps it’s a tattered sofa or an area that becomes a clutter zone. Take time to repair or replace worn or torn items so your home is looking its best.

Upgrade lighting.

Instantly update your home with new lighting. Add ambiance with new lamps in the living room or a new chandelier for the dining room. Don’t forget about your exterior. Make it more inviting with new sconces or lanterns.

Spruce up the guest room.

Now is the time to change the sheets on the guest bed and add fresh towels to the guest bathroom. Add warmth and comfort to the guest room with a new lamp and pillows. Don’t forget to clear out any clutter if you’ve been using the room for storage.


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