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The Emergence of Eat-In Kitchens in 2019

Eat-in kitchens have been on the rise for a few years now, but as we transition into 2019, this hot home trend is reaching a fever pitch. In 2018, more kitchens saw the inception of banquettes and breakfast nooks and massive, multifunctional islands. But is this trend here for the long haul? We think the answer is yes.

The eat-in kitchen has become synonymous with open-concept kitchens and we’re also noticing that fewer and fewer clients are including a dining room in their new build or renovation plans. Instead, they’re opting for a larger, more functional kitchen island or a large dining table, the latter being a popular choice for farmhouse lovers. Though some designers believe open-concept kitchens are losing their appeal, a transition into a closed kitchen space could likely only increase the desire for an eat-in kitchen.

So what are homeowners doing with their discarded dining room spaces?

Whatever they want, as it turns out. Some go for a new laundry or mudroom, dependent on the location of the area. Others opt for an office/library area outfitted with proper shelving and cabinetry for an organized space.

Are you looking for ideas for a kitchen renovation or new home build? Whether you’re ready to say goodbye to a dining room and hello to a new crafting room, or you’re a traditionalist who believes the dining room is the true heart of the home, McCarley Cabinets can help you design the perfect kitchen and dining/not dining area to fit your dreams. Get started today with a free quote.


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