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The Top 7 Design Trends of 2021

2020 changed everything including what we want and need in our homes. That’s why it comes as no surprise that today’s home design trends have taken a complete 180 from recent years past. After much research, we’ve compiled a list of the top 7 interior design trends you can expect to see this year.

Cottage Style

Image from Decoholic

From country cottage to cozy cottage, everyone wants their home brighter, happier, nostalgic, and with lots of flora and fauna. The stark minimalism trends of recent years have quickly been replaced with warm, inviting, and traditional elements that make a home feel, well, like a home. A close cousin of the farmhouse, cottages have always achieved that cozy home vibe we’ve come to appreciate more than ever. Think warm, happy colors like yellow and blue along with natural elements like wicker and rattan textiles and floral wallpaper. Don’t forget to pile on the layers. Couches and chairs are once again outfitted with cozy blankets and bright pillows, and there’s no reason you can’t have more than one rug in a room.

Vacation, All We Ever Wanted

Image from Decor Aid

Tropical vacations were much fewer and far between in 2020 and that longing is showing up and how we sell our homes this year. The color blue, tropical wallpaper, and other Coastal elements that bring the beach to us will begin to show up in more and more homes. This includes enhancing outdoor living spaces with new outdoor kitchens and upgrades to the pool area.

The Past is Calling

Image from Decor Aid

Longing for the good old days is the name of the game. Antiques, nostalgic furniture and accessories will replace the modern minimalistic elements favored in recent years. Traditional and contemporary styles began to dominate.

Mother Earth

After a year of staying at home, it seems everyone has realized that the natural colors of Earth are much more fun to look at then white and gray. Although yellow and gray is a major color trend this year, we will mostly see the whites and grays of yesterday replaced with browns, beiges, greens, and other earthy tones.

Image from

Hello, Nature

Natural elements have already been mentioned a few times in this article so of course, it makes the cut as a top design trend. Textiles like rattan and wicker will be used to adorn homes and we expect to see more natural wood elements in the kitchen as well. Houseplants and indoor gardens are also part of this trend.

Privacy, Please

“We’re gonna knock down this wall to make the space more open…”, said no Property Brother so far this year. Open concept worked just fine when everyone was spending the day at work or school, but now that many of us are still home together we've come to appreciate the value of a closed private space again. Linear spaces will once again be defined with walls and doors.

High-Tech Bathrooms and Kitchens

Bathroom by Mission Kitchen and Bath

One trend from the 2010s that isn't going away is the love of technology. New bathrooms will have all the technology of today from bidets to smart showers. Kitchens will continue to be enhanced with smart appliances and cabinets and drawers that perform (think charging drawers and customizations designed to fit specific needs).

Are you excited about the new changes and designs for 2021? Want to see how these new trends fit into your upcoming renovation plans? We can share all that and more when you contact us to discuss your project and get your free estimate. Click here to get started.


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