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Things Your Contractor Wants You to Know

Unless you’re a home contractor yourself and plan to DIY your own home renovation project you’re going to need a contractor to complete your project. Your relationship with your contractor is essential for your renovation project to run smoothly and with little to no problems. In today’s blog, we’re taking you inside the mind of a contractor and sharing a few things that your contractor wants you to know but probably won’t say.

They Prefer to Work with Their Own Network of Tradesmen

No offense to your uncle the electrician, but your contractor prefers to work with his own network of subcontractors and tradesmen. This network has been carefully built over the years and your contractor wants you to trust in their ability to hire the right subcontractors for your project. Good contractors only work with tradesmen and subcontractors who have an equally good reputation. Likewise, your contractor has a list of subcontractors and tradesmen who are known to be a problem. Even if you do know other subcontractors who can complete the work it’s best to put your confidence in your contractor’s own team of tradesmen.

They Prefer Not to Reuse Old Stuff

Despite the number of HGTV shows that hint otherwise, most contractors prefer to use new cabinets, countertops, and flooring over removing and reusing your current ones. Even if it seems like your cabinets have held up well over the years, old cabinets are likely to fall apart when your cabinet team removes them. Wood flooring is equally difficult to remove and reuse. Worried about the budget? It’s actually easier and sometimes less expensive to build new cabinets and lay fresh flooring.

They Don’t Want to Create Extra Tasks

Perhaps you’ve read your fair share of stories about nightmare contractors who constantly find additional “problems” to fix during projects. These additions can blow your budget out of the water and are usually unnecessary. Thankfully, most contractors are not like this and are considered trustworthy. Good contractors are not looking to add change orders to your project. They want to complete your project in a timely manner so they can move forward to the next one on their list.

Contractors Can Help with Permits but They Are Not Miracle-Workers

Reputable contractors have a good relationship with area permit offices. One way they create and maintain this good relationship is by refraining from asking for favors or for a permit worker to bend the rules. Don’t ask your contractor to convince your local permit office to bend rules for your project. Permit rules are in place to protect you as much as they protect your contractor.

Contractors Want You to Shop Around Before Hiring Them

Even though contractors prefer to be your first choice, they also want you to shop around for other local contractors before making a hiring decision. Contractors want to know that you are confident you’ve made the right choice before a contract is signed and work begins.

They Prefer Clients Who are Particular Over Clients Who Become Legal Opponents

We get it. You don’t want to step on any toes or create conflict between yourself and your contractor. But, believe it or not, your contractor would prefer for you to speak up and be honest about the work you want to be completed. Don’t be afraid to speak up and point out a problem if you see something wrong. Your contractor prefers to make a change during the project rather than face a potential lawsuit later on.

Markup Fees Should Be Non-Negotiable

There are several avenues your contractor can take to help save you money but asking for a lower markup fee is a no-no. The markup fee helps your contractor pay for business expenses more than it provides a take-home income. Avoid this conflict by including your contractor’s markup fee in your renovation budget and ask them about other ways to stay budget-friendly.

Contractors Prefer Homes to Be Empty for Big Projects

No contractor will ever tell you and your family to leave the home while they are working, but they prefer if you can swing temporary living arrangements elsewhere. This is particularly true for large renovation and remodeling projects. We know this isn’t always possible but it’s the best scenario for your family and your contracting team.

Their Goal is to Earn Your Business

Good contractors want to earn your business especially if they are well-skilled in the projects you want to be completed. Their goal is the same as yours--to create a good working relationship with you and a smoothly-ran project as a result.


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