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Unexpected Mudroom Spaces

Mudroom with text "Unexpected Mudroom Spaces"

So you want to add a mudroom to your home but you’re not quite sure where it should be. Today’s blog is just for you! We’re going to take a look at the best places in the home to create a mudroom including some spaces you may not have considered.

The best space for a mudroom is near the entry your family uses the most. The front door, back door, and doors adjacent to living quarters are the most popular spots for a mudroom. If you want to redirect your family to a different entry, a mudroom is a good way to encourage them.

Front Entry Mudrooms

Perhaps the most popular choice is a mudroom at the front entryway. The front entry is a great option because it serves your family and your guests as well. Front entry mudrooms should blend in with the style and design of your home, which can be a downside for some who care more about the utility of a mudroom than its appearance. Front entry mudrooms typically have closed storage space included in the design to hide clutter.

Off-Kitchen or Back Door Mudrooms

Mudrooms off the kitchen or near the back door often become the go-to entryway. If you would prefer your family to drop their backpacks, jackets, and shoes in an area that won’t be as visible to guests, these locations are good options. Families who spend a lot of time outdoors would probably prefer a mudroom in this space over the front entry.

Garage Mudrooms

The garage is an area you may not have considered for a mudroom, here’s why you should. The garage is the perfect landing space for outdoor gear and muddy boots. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the style of the mudroom matching the style of your home. Garage mudrooms are a great way to keep the mud and muck of the outdoors out of your home while also giving your family a comfortable and dry place to drop their gear before coming inside.

Off-Laundry/Utility Room Mudrooms

If the garage and back door entries are great for families who love the great outdoors, then a mudroom next to the laundry or utility room are even better options. This especially works well for busy moms with large families and lots of laundry.

Mudrooms in the Utility/Laundry Room

Got a large laundry or utility room with extra wall space? What better way to contain the clutter and keep laundry flowing than to have your family drop off their dirty laundry as they head out the door or come in from a messy day outdoors. Placing the mudroom in a laundry or utility room is a great way to “hide” your mudroom inside your home.

Under the Stairs Mudroom

If you have stairs near the main entrance of your home, and you’ve got space underneath them, you may have a great space for a small mudroom. This works well in small homes or townhomes with multiple stories.

Need an expert to help you choose the right space in your home for your mudroom? The design pros at McCarley Cabinets can help! Get started with your free project quote here or by calling 662-728-1533.


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