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In Living Color: Pantone's 2018 Color of the Year and Top Picks for Spring

Cherry tomato. Chili oil. Lime punch. Coconut Milk. No, these aren’t the ingredients for some insane drink concoction. They’re the names of Pantone’s picks for the top colors of Spring 2018! Today, we’re taking a look at the latest color trends for the upcoming season, plus we’ll reveal Pantone’s pick for Color of the Year!

Pretty in Pink...and Purple?

mccarley cabinets pantone 2018 spring colors color of the year ultra violet almost mauve pink lavender spring crocus

As the 80’s Renaissance picks up, so do the popular shades that made the decade so vibrant. Pinks and purples all but dominate Pantone’s Top 12 Shades for Spring 2018 color list. From the quiet, subtle tone Almost Mauve to the in-your-face purple shade known as Ultra Violet, each of these colors pack a punch all on their own but also pair well with Pantone’s Classic Color Palette of neutral tones. Pink Lavender is a soothing rosy tone perfect for a bedroom shade while it’s close cousin Spring Crocus is a fun and flirty fuschia that brings any room alive.

Savor These Sweet and Spicy Shades

mccarley cabinets pantone spring 2018 chili oil cherry tomato blooming dahlia emperador

With names like Cherry Tomato and Chili Oil it’s no wonder certain shades in Pantone’s top picks are perfect for spicing up your kitchen. Cherry Tomato is a lively orange-red that refuses to be ignored while Chili Oil is a savory, earthy red-brown shade that defies the seasons. Spring’s rich brown shade, Emperador, is a color reminiscent of a Hershey’s Kiss, and pairs well with the alluring peachy-coral shade, Blooming Dahlia.

You Won’t Be Blue with These Tones

mccarley cabinets pantone spring 2018 arcadia lime punch meadowlark little boy blue

Blue is no longer a shade reserved only for boys. Pantone’s Sailor Blue is a rich navy that brings boldness to the color institute’s Spring 2018 Classic Color palette. If navy tones aren’t your things perhaps the lighter Little Boy Blue will suit your fancy. This azure shade reminds one of a bright sky filled with the joys of spring and is perfect for bringing the colors of winter’s successor indoors, along with Pantone’s Meadowlark--a bright, sunny yellow--and Lime Punch--a, you guessed it, bright green that may or may not remind you of fresh cut grass. If something in between green and blue is more your style, then you'll love Arcadia, a cool green with a hint of blue undertones.

Neutralize Spring’s Bright Shades with Warm Classics

mccarley cabinets pantone spring 2018 classic neutrals coconut milk sailor blue harbor mist warm sand

While the bright shades of spring seem particularly appealing during the middle of winter, you can never go wrong by toning down in-your-face shades with a good classic neutral. This year’s neutral gray, Harbor Mist, is described by Pantone as a “mid-tone dove gray” and pairs well with the pinks and purples of the season. Warm Sand is 2018’s beige while Coconut Milk holds the title for neutral white.

Color of the Year Goes To…

pantone 2018 color of the year ultra violet mccarley cabinets

Ultra Violet! Paying homage to the late musical great Prince with this pick, Pantone selected their boldest shade on the Spring 2018 Top 12 palette for their coveted Color of the Year spot. Expect to see bold pops of purple everywhere in the coming months. You can read more about Pantone’s selection for color of the year here.

Does seeing the new shades of 2018 inspire you to move forward with that kitchen reno project? Let us help you design the kitchen of your dreams! Call us for a free quote to get started with McCarley Cabinets today.

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