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2022 Kitchen Design Trends

Hello, 2022! We are looking forward to brighter days and new kitchen design trends this year. Take a look at the designs experts say are making waves in 2022.

Green, Green, Everything Green

If gray was the color of the second decade of the 2000s, then green is definitely the shade of the Roaring 20s 2.0. This color is especially popular in kitchens. The reason? Green is calming and trustworthy and after two years of pandemic chaos, homeowners want their homes to feel relaxing and serve as an oasis from today’s world.

It helps that there is a shade of green out there for just about everyone. While vivid colors like emerald green are on-trend with the popular choice of bringing color back into the home, neutral lovers can also enjoy the trend with soft shades of green. Green cabinets and islands aren’t the only ways homeowners are bringing this trend into their kitchens. Another hot green trend is green marble countertops.

Warm and Dark Tones

While bright, white kitchens will never go out of style, more and more homeowners are saying yes to warm and dark color tones. Cool grays are being replaced with warm hues and bold, dark color choices.

Slab Backsplashes

Slab backsplashes aren’t just easier to install than traditional tile, they’re more attractive and easier to maintain. Homeowners love the seamless, glamorous appearance of slab backsplashes and the continuity of stone from countertop to backsplash.

Matching Hardware

The trend of mix and match hardware is fading back out of the spotlight to make room for something new-matching hardware and cabinets. This is a continuation of the trend of creating a seamless, continuous kitchen design.

Multipurpose Kitchens

Okay, so doing homework or working from home at the kitchen table isn’t exactly new. But with so many homeowners and their children now working from home and distance learning, homeowners are creating a defined space in their kitchens for these activities. Entertaining guests has also prompted homeowners to re-think their kitchens as entertainment zones. Bigger islands and peninsulas designed to assist with entertaining are a big deal right now.

Let the Sunshine In

One warm color that is finding its way back into the kitchen is yellow. We’re not talking the nice, pastel buttercream shades. We’re thinking bright, cheery marigold and citron tones that are reminiscent of sunlight.

Mixed Patterns

Color backsplashes and bright kitchen islands are just a couple of ways you can bring the mixed pattern trend into your kitchen.

Porcelain Countertops

They’re long-lasting and absolutely stunning. It’s no surprise that these reasons alone are enough for today’s homeowners to choose porcelain over other stone and tile choices.

Curved Lines

Want your kitchen to literally make waves? Try adding some curved lines to your kitchen design. From curved countertops to curved islands and peninsulas, we expect this trend to continue to grow over the next year.

Is your kitchen outdated? Let us help you bring it into this decade. Get your free quote by calling 662-728-1533.


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