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Ways to Make Your Kitchen Look Bigger

As cabinet designers, we make a lot of great things happen in the kitchen. One thing we can’t do is add more space to a room. For that, you’ll need a construction contractor who builds additions to homes. We can, however, help you make the most of the space you have in your kitchen including steps to make the room feel as large, open, and airy as possible.

Opt for Shallower Lower Cabinets

Often space in lower cabinets goes wasted because the back of the cabinets can be difficult to reach. Rather than the standard 24-inch depth, choose lower cabinets with a 12 to 15-inch depth. The extra inches instantly add more floor space and help the room feel bigger.

Ditch the Hardware

With options like touch-activated latches and integrated reach-in pulls, cabinet hardware is no longer a necessity. Minimalists love the no-hardware look for its, well, minimal effect. Removing hardware takes away clutter and helps the kitchen appear bigger.

Say Goodbye to the Double Sink

Sinks have gained quite a bit of love in the kitchen in the last couple of decades. From large, double farmhouse sinks to adding a second (or even third) sink to the equation, sinks have owned more space in the kitchen than ever. But if you want to add more storage and working counter space to your kitchen, consider reducing your kitchen sink dreams to one single sink. This option works especially well for kitchens with dishwashers, which is standard in most homes these days.

Go for a Smaller Dishwasher

Sure, we just told you to reduce your sink size but did you know that you can choose smaller dishwashers, too? A smaller dishwasher works well for small families, and you can run a full load more often instead of waiting all day to fill it up. You’ll also save up to six inches of storage space.

Reduce Your Fridge Size

Not everyone needs a 36-inch fridge to meet their cold storage needs. If you can sacrifice the space, pick a fridge in the 28 to 30-inch range for more cabinet storage space or more floor space.

Make the Room Look Bigger with Backsplash and Paneled Appliances

If you can’t sacrifice the fridge size, storage space, or a double sink, you can always trick the eye into believing the room is bigger with clever design tricks. Your backsplash is the perfect place to start. A mirrored backsplash opens sightlines making the room seem larger, and tinted mirrors give a more subtle, moodier effect. Short, minimal backsplashes in a color that blends with the wall or a slab backsplash gives an unbroken appearance and makes the room feel more open. Stainless steel adds a sense of depth and gives a subtle sheen similar to a mirror that brightens the space.

Go for Open Shelves or Glass Front Cabinet

Pick a wall, perhaps one with a window, and change your upper cabinets to open shelving or glass cabinet fronts. Both options open up a room without taking away storage space. If you’re not ready to commit to such a change, try taking off the door of a cabinet or two for an open cabinet effect.

Add Cabinet Lighting

And don’t be shy about it either. Cabinet lighting under, above, and inside cabinets instantly brightens the room and removes shadows.


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