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Why You Should Work with an Interior Designer

Hiring an interior designer seems like a luxury most don’t have room for in the budget. But the truth is an interior designer can help you stick closer to your renovation or new home construction budget. Designers see potential problems in a project before work begins or money is spent. They also see financial considerations you may not think of upfront, including the potential cost of design mistakes, and they help you set realistic goals for your budget.

Your budget isn’t the only reason to consider hiring an interior designer. An interior designer can relieve many burdens from the shoulders of homeowners. They save you time, take care of tasks, plan orders and deliveries, and they make plans for potential problems. Though each designer has their method they all have a tried-and-true process to ensure nothing is missed in the project. Interior designers also know how to communicate your vision with other home professionals like architects, contractors, and cabinet builders, preventing costly mistakes.

Designers think creatively and see potential in a space that homeowners often can’t see on their own, making the most out of the room’s design. Designers also use innovative tools and technology to create images that bring your project’s vision to life before any work is performed. Interior designers are also great at editing after a project begins to fix potential problems or mistakes.

If you’re having trouble finding just the right materials for your project an interior designer can help you there, too. Interior designers have more access to samples and materials from their preferred providers that the everyday homeowner may not find on their own.

Interior designers offer a full range of services. You may hire a designer for full services in which they take over the entire design process, or you can hire them to perform specific tasks like helping you choose the right cabinets or materials for your project. Any service you choose is made to get the most out of your home’s design and project budget.

We can’t wrap up this article without also mentioning interior designers’ innate ability to find the wow factor in every room. They know when to take risks to bring out the most potential in your home without making major costly errors.

We have an in-house interior designer at McCarley Cabinets to help our clients make the most of their cabinetry and countertop projects. Learn about our designer, Kristi McPherson, her experience, and how she can help you in our recent staff profile featuring McPherson here. When you choose McCarley Cabinets to design your next project, our designer will be on-hand from day one to help you create a room you’ll love for a lifetime.


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