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Five Kitchen Decluttering Projects Done in Fifteen Minutes or Less

Decluttering projects don’t have to take an entire afternoon to be life-changing. The kitchen is one room of the house that probably gets the least attention when it comes to decluttering. However, the five decluttering projects we’re discussing today take 15 minutes or less and they are guaranteed to make life in the kitchen much easier.

Food Storage Containers

Ah, the Tupperware drawer. Except, it’s not all Tupperware and you haven’t paired a storage container with its proper lid in at least three months. Pull everything out and separate lids from containers. Once separated, start matching them up. Toss out or recycle containers with missing lids. Stack and organize remaining containers back into their cabinet or drawer.


No matter how hard we try, condiments create a sticky mess. That’s why it’s good to take a few minutes every so often to toss out expired and never used condiments. Give the condiments that are staying a good wipe down before placing them neatly back into the fridge door. Make finding the perfect condiment super simple by dividing up the savory from the sweet.

Utensil Jar

Everyone has that one jar near the stove to keep their favorite utensils handy for cooking. But over time that jar can also become overcrowded with lesser-used gear that didn’t make it back into the appropriate drawer. Take all utensils out of the jar and only put back the truly essential ones you use on a regular basis. Place the rest of the utensils into their rightful drawer. Now you won’t have to search through a crowd of ladles and serving spoons to find your favorite spatula.

Dish Towel Drawer

Dishtowels are another one of those often used kitchen items that can easily get out of hand. Between the ones you received as a wedding or housewarming gift and those cute, inexpensive seasonal and holiday towels we can’t seem to resist, the dish towel drawer can become an overcrowded mess. Pull out all towels and put back only those in good condition. Toss out or recycle old, worn-out towels into cleaning rags. If you have a sizable stack of holiday or seasonal towels, find a new home for them that’s close by so you can change them out easily with the seasons.


It doesn’t seem to matter if your pantry is a cabinet or small room or closet. Sooner or later, it’s going to become cluttered with foods that have gone uneaten. From foods that didn’t quite meet expectations to those that get pushed to the back of the pantry and expire, it’s easy for this storage space to get out of hand. Take time to go shelf-by-shelf, tossing out the expired and never eaten. Make life even easier and finding your favorite snack a breeze by taking an extra few minutes to re-organize pantry foods by meals or food groups.

These decluttering projects are small and quick, but make quite a difference once you’re done. The best part? Since these projects take so little time, you can knock them all out in about an hour. Now that’s our kind of cleaning project!


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