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Making the Most of Your Kitchen's Wasted Space

Your kitchen contains the most storage space (and sometimes the most wasted space) in the living areas of your house. Finding creative solutions for storage means you keep all the necessary cooking, serving and eating supplies within easy reach without cluttering up valuable counter space. Your kitchen may contain wasted space ready to be used.

The most common areas for wasted space is in corner cabinets and around appliances. Rev-A-Shelf has solutions for these areas that will maximize your storage space and your organization. Here are a few:

1.Space around appliances: Appliances like ovens, refrigerators, and microwaves can take up a lot of precious real estate in the kitchen. They are often built into the cabinets, with inches of space wasted on each side. Pull-out organizers (like this one from Rev a Shelf, are designed to create more storage in those spaces, while still putting items out of sight and keeping the cabinet design cohesive. Another underutilized space is the hard-to-reach cabinet above the refrigerator.

2. Cabinet Edges: Although the end spaces of cabinet systems are wasted space, it does not appear to be large enough to actually store anything. Rev-A-Shelf took that as a challenge. Their small sized Filler Pullout Organizers are the perfect place for spices, K-cups, and small utensils that typically take up valuable space (and often get lost) in the drawers, cabinets, or your pantry.

3. Corners:The organizer Where cabinets meet in the corners creates an excess of space. The only problem is that this area isn’t easily accessed by the cabinet doors. Corner shelving solves the problem by pulling all those hard to reach items directly to you. Yes! This means no more searching on hands and knees on to reach the one item you’ve lost to your large cabinet space. fits perfectly in the corner space, making full use of the extra space.

4. Tops of Cabinets: Even the most spacious cabinets can seem like inadequate storage without shelves. When you move into a house previously owned by someone else, it’s common to find space wasted at the top of kitchen that could be used for more cooking supplies if you had another shelf. Although it’s always easier to add extra shelves as we’re building cabinets. you can find a work around with extra shelves after the fact.

Regardless of the size of your kitchen, you’ll always want more space and an easier way to find the items you use the most. The right organizational tools can take your kitchen from just okay to fantastic.

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