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6 Tips to Organizing your Gourmet Kitchen

No gourmet kitchen, no matter how high-tech or well-appointed, is complete without a system of organization that is tidy and pleasing to the eye. A variety and multitude of small items are a necessary evil, but clutter is not. Here are some methods for wrangling your cookware and pantry items so that your hidden spaces are as put-together as their exterior:

Use Sleek Containers

Instead of leaving often-used ingredients like flour, sugar, and salt in their half-open and dingy boxes and bags, deposit them into containers. For a more modern look, opt for glass so that the contents can be easily seen. To keep your containers in a neat arrangement, group together similar items and keep the most used ingredients at the front, so they’re easy to replace in a pinch.

Decorate with Gadgets and Necessities

Some items are too beautiful to be tucked away and will make great additions to your kitchen decor. A bright KitchenAid mixer can add a pop of color to a neutral kitchen. High-quality wooden utensils in a nice vase or spices in apothecary jars look great on the counter and free up drawer and cabinet space. Invest in pieces that you love so that you don’t mind for it to be out and in use. Open shelving is a great (and trendy) way to show them off.

Use It or Lose It

Minimalism is popular for a reason. Paring down your utensils, cookware, plates, and gadgets means less clutter and more room to display your items with care.

Maximize Space

To keep the counters clear, create more storage in cabinets, drawers, and the pantry. Extra shelving, pull-out shelves, and drawer organizers are great solutions. Store your items where it makes the most sense—cookware near the stove, cleaning supplies near the sink, etc.

Hanging Storage

More and more interior designers are turning to hanging storage in the kitchen. Color-coordinated cookware, aprons, and rolling pins become wall art with simple hooks.

Utilize the Island

Islands are perfect for creating more counter space, but they’re also a great spot to store large items like blenders, where they’re within reach but out of sight.

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