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Pantone's Spring 2022 Color Trend Report


‘It’s that time of year again! No, we’re not talking about the holiday season. We’re referring to the release of Pantone’s Spring 2022 Color Trend Report and 2022 Color of the Year!

Spring 2022’s trending colors are bright, fun, and free-spirited. Even the pastel tones and core classic shades shine bright like a diamond! Without further ado, let’s take a look at next spring’s trending colors.

Spun Sugar

If sugar were a shade of blue, this would be it. This airy, pastel blue is gender-neutral and would look beautiful on a kitchen island or cabinets!

Gossamer Pink

This soft, powder pink has a fun, retro vibe. It’s the perfect spring accent shade for just about any room in the home.


Innuendo is a bright, magenta pink that is positively tantalizing. At least, that’s how Pantone describes it. We agree.


No Pantone palette is complete without a classic shade of blue and Skydiver fits the bill. Bold homeowners might try this for their next cabinet color.

Joyful Daffodil

Joyful Daffodil is a, you guessed it, daffodil yellow that truly is as sunny as its name implies. We love it as an accent shade for the kitchen or living room.

Glacier Lake

If you’re searching for a calm, cool blue that reminds you of icy glacier lakes, well, look no further. It’s another gender-neutral shade of blue that works well in just about any room.

Harbor Blue

Think of the deep blue of harborside waters and you’ve got Harbor Blue. It's not quite blue or green and perfect for anyone who can’t decide between the two colors.

Coca Mocha

Everyone needs a deep mocha brown to offset all those bright shades! We absolutely love this as a cabinet color!


The only purple on the scene this spring is described by Pantone as “standout” and “dynamic.” This shade brings out the bold in all of us.


This dramatic, heated red is a fun pop of color and the perfect accent shade.

Core Classics

Snow White

This clean shade of white is as pure as, well, snow. We think the Princess of the same name would approve.

Perfectly Pale

We are big fans of this subtle, sandy beige. It would look beautiful as your main neutral wall color or, again, on your kitchen cabinets!


This savory shade of green encourages health and wellness. We like it for a bedroom or even the living room.

Northern Droplet

This year’s pale gray is reminiscent of the gray skies of the rainy Northwestern coast.

And the Color of the Year is....

Very Peri! It's bold, imaginative, and inspires creativity. Periwinkle has always been the perfect blend of blue and purple.


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