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Why You Should Consider Adding a Powder Room

So, you’re thinking of adding a new bathroom to your home. The problem is, adding a full bathroom can be costly, and finding the space for the addition can be tricky. That’s where a smaller but still efficient alternative comes into play. We’re talking about a powder room! Also known as a guest bathroom or half-bath (we think powder room sounds more elegant), powder rooms are the perfect solution for creating an additional bathroom in your home. Here’s why.

Powder Rooms Make the Most of Small Spaces

You may even have space in your current home floor plan to add a powder room without actually adding more square footage. While additional square footage can be a plus, adding a room with exterior walls is much more costly than reworking the space already within the home. Common “dead spaces” in the home like under the stairs are perfect to turn into a functional guest bathroom.

Powder Rooms Add Value to the Home

Although you’ll get a bigger return on your investment with a full bath--they add 20 percent value to your current home price--powder rooms still offer a significant return. They add 10 percent to the current value of your home.

They are the Best Option when a Full Bath Is Not Possible

The old saying “Something’s better than nothing at all” applies when it comes to adding a bathroom to your home. Powder rooms offer a toilet, sink, and mirror--all that you need in most bathroom trips.

They Decrease Foot Traffic to the Main Bath

If you’re currently working with one bathroom in your home, a powder room can seriously cut down the foot traffic your main bath sees each day. This is especially important if your master bath doubles as your main bathroom.

Powder Rooms are Simply More Convenient

Powder rooms are usually placed near the main area of the home where guests typically hang out. Guests are much more comfortable using a powder room, which was practically built for them. You don’t have to worry about making sure your main bathroom is spic and span every time a guest comes by when you have a powder room to offer instead. They also help you keep your main bath cleaner by cutting down the amount of traffic it gets.

Is a powder room the solution you’re seeking for your bathroom woes? McCarley Cabinets can help make your dream powder room a reality. We’ll build a dazzling vanity your guests will love to admire along with a stunning countertop to top it off. Click here to get started today by requesting a free project quote.

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